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At some point, you might have stumbled upon a BDSM video in which a gas mask was used to exert control over a slave. The use of gas masks in kink sex has been gaining popularity in recent years for good reasons. The mask adds a spooky element to the picture by distorting the face and making otherwise ordinary things seem odd.

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If you are in a search for kinky sex play that can leave you breathless (quite literally), incorporating gas masks into the bedroom is an exhilarating idea. This post will provide everything you know to enjoy gas masks in kink sex to the fullest.

Defining the Kink: What Is a Gas Mask?

A gas mask is a face mask designed to filter out dangerous gases and particles in the air. If worn, the mask creates a tight seal around the nose, mouth, and maybe the eyes and other sensitive facial features.

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However, the term “gas mask” is typically only used to describe military gear, even though specific gas masks also function as respirators. In sex, fetishism, and kink play, gas masks imply rather arousing connotations related to restriction and control.

Gas Masks in BDSM: What Do They Do?

A gas mask serves a distinct function in the BDSM universe. Enslaved people are often forced to wear gas masks not to protect their health but to keep their captors or dominants in complete control of their breathing. This aspect heightens the power dynamics and imbalance of using gas masks in kink sex.

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Also, gas masks make submissive partners utterly helpless during the action because they cannot identify their dominant partners’ faces. They have no idea what their doms will do to them until something painful touches a vulnerable area.

Sexy Behind Masks: How Does a Gas Mask Play in Sex?

Gas masks have more than one interpretation in BDSM. Fetish, punishment, reward, or even just for show! Gas masks are typically used with an entire latex ensemble.

Gas masks have characteristics that appeal to fetishists, including their form, breathing sound, mysterious appearance, containment, identity privacy, protective sensation, etc.

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Arousal in Anonymity

There’s a certain allure to being sexually anonymous. Scientists can speculate that the idea of sexual violence is unburdened by morality; they could see it as either a remnant of our evolutionary past or a testament to man’s fallen nature.

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Gas Mask Fetish

Some have a fetish for their partners to wear gas masks during sexual performances. That’s the term for anything other than a sexual encounter that causes a person to feel aroused. The sight of a woman with a gas mask always gets your blood pounding in the right places.

Gas masks are popular among BDSM enthusiasts because they give off an air of hardness, artificiality, and “You are my plaything,” which often goes hand in hand with the concept of a mask.

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Effects of Masks on Partner’s Voice

The air constriction underneath masks can also alter how the wearer’s voice may sound. Behind masks, the wearer’s voice may sound muffled and raspy. These characteristics may heighten the sexual tension when using gas masks in kinky sex. It can make your dirty talk sound more sensual and erotic.

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Sensory deprivation

Since some individuals find gas masks generally frightening, Doms will sometimes wear them as a fashion accessory, as a means of anonymity, or to scare a submissive. Because of its association with violence and death, submissives often find playing with them terrifying. They can also be used for breath play and to reduce the sense of smell, sight, and sound.

Choosing the Right Mask: What types of gas masks are available?

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Semi-facial and full-face are the two primary categories of masks. All varieties and classes of gas masks function in essentially the same way. They always feature at least one air inlet and outlet. Below are more specific types of masks to choose from.

Semi-Facial or Half Masks

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The term “half mask” covers half of the wearer’s face (nose and mouth). You can choose between the simple, double, or oxygen filters typically seen in medical facilities. Anonymity and mystery are among the primary selling points of gas masks and masks in general among members of the BDSM community.

Full Face Masks or Full-face

The eyes, mouth, and nose are all shielded by full face masks. As a direct result, the wearer is reduced from a sexual partner to a sexual object. Somehow, even to those who aren’t into the lifestyle, the power play depicted in gas-mask erotica is irresistible to the artists who portray it.

Gas Masks in BDSM

Gas masks for BDSM are not included in official categorizations. These masks were developed for use in various BDSM, breathplay, enclosure, techniques, etc. Modified filter masks are typically handcrafted replicas of latex hoods. More specific examples of gas masks in BDSM are discussed below:

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Image from Twitter@IntaGlove

· Medical Gas Mask or Dräger Z56

White gas masks were made for civilian use in the 1960s. Given its predominantly white color, this mask is frequently employed in BDSM for use in mock medical settings.

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· Canadian Gas mask or C3

The term is occasionally employed in BDSM settings. Smaller and more compact than most other masks, this one is perfect for diminutive, submissive women.

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Buying Gas Masks for Kink Sex

Gas masks are widely available and can be purchased in several places. While visiting a BDSM supply store is the ideal place to start, keep in mind that antique shops and yard sales are also good places to look for old masks. Going to a military equipment store would also be an excellent idea.

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· Brainstorm the sex plays you want to create beforehand. List the appropriate type of gas masks to be used in your play.

· Look for reputable stores that offer gas masks for kink sex. If you wish to purchase secondhand items, ensure to clean them well.

· Communicate with your submissive when trying the mask for the first time.

Tips to Enjoy Gas Mask in Playful Sex

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Here are some ways by which you can use gas masks in your next sex session.

1. Have your submissive wear the mask upon entering the room

The slave’s identity for the day will be erased when they enter the house, thanks to the mask promptly placed over their face. They will lose their identity and become a nameless, formless “thing.”

2. Mimic domineering interrogation scenes

If one partner in a BDSM relationship wears a mask, it may be taken as a sign that the other is no longer in charge. The mask is also effective in high-stakes situations like interrogations or when the slave is entirely restrained.

3. Heightened arousal and tension due to sensory deprivation

In addition to the heightened concentration on the genitalia and other vulnerable areas, the slave’s lack of sight, smell, and speech may also contribute to this.

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4. Pair it up with body suits

Complete the look by combining gas masks with different muscle and body suits that can make you look sexier and more enigmatic. Smitizen offers a comprehensive collection of premium-grade quality muscle and body suits that can give you the perfect body to intensify your overall sexual performance and play.

Security tips for first-time gas mask triers

Safety must be prioritized above all else when using gas masks for breathplay.

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Breathplay, like all forms of edgeplay, requires caution. Reducing a person’s ability to breathe can be fatal. Asbestos can be found in the filter of some outdated gas masks. Used gas masks might be tainted with harmful chemicals or radiation if they were previously used in a hazardous environment like a military or factory.

How to choose, how to use it safely, how to store it, etc. 

Gas masks, like any other latex or rubber equipment, require maintenance. While most masks are made to withstand frequent use, they will eventually wear out if not properly maintained.

The mask portion of most gas masks is waterproof. A gas mask’s filter becomes ineffective if immersed in water because the charcoal within becomes clogged.

Due to the acid or salty sweat, these masks must be cleaned after each usage. Cleaning it is as simple as wiping it down with a damp cloth and some mild detergent. Silicone lubricant can be used monthly to maintain smooth operation and a glossy finish. You can’t use anything with a petroleum derivative since it will physically eat the rubber. Lenses should be cleaned and sprayed with an anti-fogging solution for maximum effectiveness.