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You may not put your feet at the top of everyone’s list of sexiest body parts. When it comes to people who are enamored with feet, toes, and ankles, it’s a different story. This thrilling guide will teach you the inner workings of foot fetishes and how you can turn them into lucrative kinks. 

foot fetish

An obsession with the feet can take many forms. Others prefer to massage their feet, while others prefer to lick and sniff them. Some people prefer a “raw” foot, while others love a foot adorned with jewelry, such as an anklet or toe ring.

Whatever it is about feet that a person enjoys, it is perfectly healthy and normal. Foot fetishes don’t imply that you’re abnormal or doomed to be alone. It is possible to find a partner who is happy to have their feet rubbed and worshiped, so long as you’re open to the idea of exploring that kink.

foot fetish

This guide will show you everything you need to know about foot fetish and how it differs from sock fetish.

Defining the Kink: What Is Foot Fetish?

foot fetish

Before delving into foot fetish, let us define what fetish is in the first place. A person is said to have a fetish when an item or a part of their body causes them to have sexually suggestive fantasies and strong sexual urges.

When a person is sexually aroused by their feet, legs, stockings, shoes, or socks, they are said to have a foot fetish, also known as podophilia. Particular objects or body parts, such as the feet, can stimulate sexual desire in people who experience fetishes.

foot fetish

Aside from this, people with this kind of kink are known to have an obsession with feet. They are often attracted to the feet’ shape, size, and smell. They also entertain the idea of and enjoy kissing, licking, and sucking on toes.

Recent studies have found that approximately one in seven people, or 14 percent of people, have had at least one sexual fantasy related to feet. This places foot fetishes in the same category as genital fetishes, among the most common sexually preferred body parts.

foot fetish

What’s up with the feet? It’s not as if they’re in your intimate areas. Foot fetishes are typical for several reasons, all of which can be traced back to the brain.

Obsessing over Feet: How Do People Develop a Thing for Feet

Sexual kinks can come in all shapes, forms, and sizes. Even though it’s unclear how and why some people find feet and foot play interesting, a few suggestions have been put up to explain why this would be the case.

foot fetish

Foot Fetish May Be a Learned Behavior

Our early childhood experiences may lead to a foot fetish in certain people. A fetish may arise if a person has had a significant encounter that equates feet with arousal. 

foot fetish

For instance, it’s possible to acquire a fetish for the feet if one of your first sexual encounters is with an older lady who is wearing high heels or if your crush wiggles their toes in your face during truth or dare. Such acts may lead you to sexualize feet.

Toes May Resemble Penises – For Some People

Some people sexualize feet because toes resemble penises. They see a resemblance between toes and penises regarding their physical appearance. 

foot fetish

While for others, they see similarities in the sensations you can feel with your feet and with a penis. Because your feet are covered in nerve endings, the sensations you feel will be stronger and more intense because of this. 

Toe tickling, rubbing, and massaging all have the potential to be incredibly relaxing experiences.

Foot Fetish Can Also Be a Form of Power Play

Humiliation is one of the psychological components of the foot fetish. It is common for people to view feet as “below” them. To put it another way, some people consider the feet an unimportant component of the body.

They have a spouse who feels “lower” than you might be enticing to some people. This is a type of power play for them, in which your feet are on their body and placed in their place.

foot fetish

A foot fetish may make you crave kneeling at your partner’s feet, adoring them, and lowering yourself to their level. It is possible to encourage them to put their feet all over your body, putting you in a position of subjection.

Foot Fetish Vs. Sock Fetish

Some people with a foot fetish prefer bare feet. Some find feet in socks hotter. Other than foot fetishes, some have developed sock fetishes which refers to an intense interest in socks that are sexual.

The wearing of socks and the sexualized removal fall under this category. There appears to be some correlation between sock fetish and foot fetishism, although there is a subtle difference between them.

Essentially, foot fetishists obsess over everything that may involve feet. On the other hand, sock fetishists prefer to see feet wearing socks. Women’s socked feet seem to be fetishized more often than men’s.

Sock fetishists can browse images of socked feet online or even purchase used socks to smell and enjoy in the privacy of their own homes via the Internet. Sock fetishism is comparable to the online market for secondhand panty fetishism.

Stories have littered the Internet regarding how some women have sold their used socks to foot fetishists. Roxy Sykes, 33, has revealed the trick to making almost £100,000 a year by selling her filthy socks to foot fetishists. From this, she thought she could break into the foot fetish industry.

Fun and Exciting Things to Do in Exploring Foot Fetish

There are no rigid boundaries regarding sexual actions or fetishes if all parties have expressed enthusiastic agreement. Sexually playing with feet can be a thrilling experience. If you’re looking for some ideas, here are some things you might want to give a whirl.

Worshiping Feet

Silva Neves, a psychosexual and relationship therapist, recommends worshipping feet by marveling at them, adoring them, or putting them in beautiful shoes. Massage your partner’s feet if you’d like to go further.

Massaging Feet

Relationships and sex expert for Lovehoney Annabelle Knight said getting a foot massage can be a very sensual experience because of the abundance of nerve endings in the feet. 

To begin with, Annabelle advises that you wash both of your feet well and then massage your partner’s feet with massage oil.

Licking, Sucking, Smelling the Toes and Feet

Silva says that both the person receiving and the one giving might enjoy the pleasure of licking or sucking toes. It’s not uncommon for folks to prefer to be masturbated with their partner’s feet rather than their own.

Trampling (Walking on Someone)

According to Annabelle, you might appreciate being trodden on and stepped on while wearing high heels up the ante (as long as nobody is hurt).

The obsession with shoes, and perhaps a specific type of shoe, such as high heels, is common among some people with foot fetish. Silva suggests that you or your partner could engage in sexual activity while wearing the shoes of your choice.

Send a Pic of Your Feet

Taking a sultry selfie of your feet is a terrific way to tease. Style them up with red pieces, which might solicit the receiver’s lustful response.

Giving a Foot Job

Some foot fetishists enjoy the occasional bit of genital contact. Do not be afraid to request that your partner grind their feet over your genitals. The toes of their feet can even glide over your penis or enter your vagina and anus.

It’s essential to keep in mind that feet are less agile than hands, so this may require some practice. 

Make sure you cut your nails if you’re going all out by inserting the toes and using the foot to penetrate. The sharp edges may cause discomfort to those who touch them.


Your sensorimotor system may combine your feet and genitals for some reason, which may help explain why feet are one of the body regions fetishized most that are not sexual.

Foot fetishes and sexual acts are becoming increasingly popular for all the right reasons. Because they are one of the more sensitive regions of your body, many people find pleasure in focusing their sexual attention on their feet.

Did you want to get some action with your feet? Foot kink and fetish can be an enthralling and new experience for you and your partner. Additionally, you can sell off content using your feet and shoes to foot fetishists who are willing to pay for entertainment. That’s how you can have fun and earn some profit through feet.