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If you’ve ever considered engaging in anal play, you might have also worried about the poop factor. Don’t let nature’s unwanted call hold you back from having intense anal sex. Read this guide to learn the proper ways of doing anal douching or cleaning out your rectum.

Gay men consider anal intercourse to be the equivalent of hitting a “sexual home run” with their partners. But it’s important to plan before you go forward. There are many things to consider, from the sexual plays and positions to perform to your hygiene and your and your partner’s protection from the threat of sexually transmitted diseases.

Anal douching

Anal sex can feel extremely different from the heteronormative sex most people are accustomed to. It can feel very intrusive and worrying at first because it involves inserting an object into your rectum, originally intended for defecation. Thus, it is important to practice anal douching prior to anal sex.

This guide covers everything you have to know about anal douching. These safety tips can prevent you from contracting sexually transmitted infections and worrying about your poop while doing the deed.

An Overview: What Is Anal Douching?

The French word for shower is “douche.” One method of “cleaning” one’s butt is through the practice of “anal douching,” in which a device is used to squirt water up your butt slowly. Such devices include squeezable bottles or tubes. The water pressure should give your rectum a proper clean for hygienic and sexual purposes.

Many people use water to flush the rectum, the remaining section of the large intestine, through the butt. All genders are welcome to engage in anal douching. However, researchers and literature review discovered that males were more likely to engage in rectal douching.


This is mainly because anal douches are among the prominent ways to prevent sexually transmitted infections such as HIV infection and BMC infectious diseases. Nevertheless, anal douching remains relevant in women’s health as well.

You can usually maintain your rectum clean with just a high-fiber diet and fiber supplements. This strategy is recommended for those who want to keep their digestive tracts healthy and have a regular bowel movement. Some also prefer soaking their butts in a hot shower.

Anal Douching Equipment: What To Use in Anal Douching

Let’s break down the various douching equipment and materials you can use for a thorough rectum douching.

Enema bulb

Douch bulb

“Douche bulb” can also pertain to enema bulbs. These devices are reusable and have nozzle ends inserted into the rectum. Put in some warm water or saline solution.

You can purchase an anal douche bulb at stores that specialize in sex toys. It’s important to shop for bendable enema bulbs and avoid hard plastic nozzle because that can irritate the skin. A flexible tip makes it easier on the behind.

Fleet enemas

fleet enema

Douching in a fleet enema is one of the safest things you can do. Several variations of fleet enemas are available; choose the one that contains only regular saline. Nozzle tips are pre-lubricated, so ripping or other damage is less likely to occur.

Anal shower shot

Anal Shower shot

A hose in your shower specifically for rinsing your butt is the surest sign that you are ready to bottom. These call for a more cautious approach to the douching process, including water filling, temperature, and pressure.

Step-by-Step Guide To Douching: How To Do Anal Douching?

It matters how you douche if you’re going to douche.

Preparing for anal douching

Preparing for Anal

· First, ensure that the nozzle and douche are clean to prevent the spread of bacteria. Moreover, ensure you’re using the correct water mixture, and always avoid soapy water. Chemicals may lead to skin irritations and other infections.

· Avoid scorching the rectal mucosal lining by using a water temperature that is slightly cooler than lukewarm.

· Enema solutions, such as those used in the fleet enema, must be mixed according to product directions.

· Pre-lubricated nozzle tips are ideal for ensuring safety and comfort for your rectal tissue when you slowly insert them. Otherwise, unlubricated objects can damage rectal tissue from their harshness.

Process of anal douching

Process of anal douching

· Maintain a standing position in the shower to ensure that the douche’s contents, along with your rectum, find a safe landing spot. Extra sex tip: If you want anal sex while douching, you can do it while standing on a toilet.

· Prepare your anal opening for the nozzle by gently relaxing it with a clean, lubed finger.

· Take a long breath in, hold the nozzle against your rectum, then slowly and gently insert it as you exhale.

· As you insert the nozzle, slowly squirt the liquid by squeezing the enema bulb. If you’re using a shower enema, turn the pressure down to avoid too much water.

· Rinse and repeat until all the water draining from you is clear.

Anal douching aftercare


If you need to freshen up, go ahead and go in the shower. Some people prefer waiting for an hour or two between anal play sessions to guarantee that all fluids have been expelled. It’s entirely up to you.

Magic Number in Anal Douching: How Frequent Should You Anal Douche?

There is no universally accepted limit to the occasional use of douching. In general, you shouldn’t do it more than twice or three times a week, and never more than once in a single day.

How frequent

Going overboard can lead to overdoing. Doing it too frequently can disturb your body’s regular elimination cycle and throw off your electrolyte balance. Even if you’re careful and douche the right way, you could end up hurting your anus and intestinal lining.

Time to Douche: How Long Does Anal Douching Take?

Time to douche

A systematic review observed the association between rectal douching and receptive anal intercourse, including the time they occupy. Shallow douching with warm water usually takes 10 to 30 seconds to retain and would require 15 to 30 minutes of waiting before having sex.

On the other hand, deeper douching can retain liquid for as long as possible and require a waiting period of 30 to 60 minutes before having anal sex.

Gay Men in Douching: How Popular Is Anal Douching?

As mentioned, gay men are more likely to do anal douching than other genders. A San Francisco Aids Foundation survey found that 58 percent of bottoms douche.

how popular is it?

Reasons for douching

· It’s more comfortable for rimming and transitioning from anal to oral action.

· It makes individuals more at ease and less concerned with poop.

· It’s an effective deodorizer and maintains the delicate balance of your bowels.

· People can have intercourse for extended periods without stopping and cleaning up after themselves.

· A clean rectum is safe against potential sexually transmitted diseases.

Reasons for not douching

reason for not douching

· It might still cause leaks during intercourse.

· Some prefer fiber supplements over douching.

· Some can’t access the needed douching equipment.

Anal Douching Safety Tips

Below are some tips that can help you to douche safely.

Safety tips

· Do not force a douche bulb or shower shot nozzle up your anus without preparing it first very much like anal sex. It might hurt if you haven’t loosened up or lubed up yet.

· While you’re lubing your finger, lube whatever you’re inserting up your butt. Sharp objects may cause a tear to your rectal mucosa and linings. Proper lubrication is a must.

· Observe the proper amount of water and other liquids to be used. Shower shots should be used sparingly, and avoid over-spraying. Bulbs typically contain enough water that your body and butt can handle.

· Laxatives shouldn’t be used unless you have constipation. Laxatives irritate your intestines, causing discomfort that can disrupt sex. They may also force out poop that wouldn’t have come otherwise.

More anal sex tips

Anal douching is a significant part of anal sex. But there are also other factors you may consider and incorporate in your anal play.


Perhaps douching is not for everyone. Fiber pills and other bulking agents are fine. They may help normalize constipation or help you poop all at once. Fiber additives improve loose stools and diarrhea.

Anal Fisting

Anal fisting

Anal fisting can be an enticing addition to your anal action. Fisting is a sex act in which a person inserts his fist in the anus of his partner. Feeling full is pleasant for some people. For some, the act of fist fighting is like an invigorating stimulation to their erotic regions.

Wearing muscle suits

Nothing beats having a clean anus while also having a hunk, chiseled body. Check out body and muscle suits that you can purchase from sex stores. Flaunting your dream body can intensify your sexual intercourse and anal play with added confidence.

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Final Thoughts

Poop is a natural (and often scary) part of anal play. To engage in risk-free anal play, you don’t need to oblige yourself with a douche or an enema. However, if you find that using one helps you relax and enjoy yourself more, then, by all means, do so!